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About Mashups

“Relying purely on an online signal to inform how your marketing efforts are driving business for you is a very incomplete picture”

Sean Lee ; Founder, CEO
Mashups integrates innovative ideas and provides digital solutions.
We integrate the best digital platforms and technologies to create simple and easy to use products and services. Our unique products and services enable brands to easily process data - specifically offline data.
We focus on next generation devices and operating systems. We work with technology hardware and fuse it together with software for a variety of campaign and branding solutions. If you are looking for future solutions of tomorrow that have not been seen or done before, choose Mashups as your partner.


Offline analytics

Offline activities are systematically quantified, providing data analytics to manage and measure. Customer offline engagement such as attendance rate, attendee type, and speaker attendance rate can be accurately mined and assessed.

Own Marketing Stack

We internalized and externalized important features of an integrated enterprise system to measure difficult-to-measure marketing contributions and achievements that cannot be tracked by traditional means.

Success Metrics

When offline and online data can be analyzed together, key success indicators can be used to evaluate long-term data. With more available information, marketing activities can be planned more effectively and efficiently.

Data Matching

Simply put, offline data and online data are combined to make more accurate assessments using affiliated open-protocol beacon technology.

Offline to Online

O2O integrates customer activity and acquisition activity data in digital channels. Providing insight into customer experience and results.

Better Targeting

Integrating online and offline data, campaigns are improved to be more customer associative. Strengthening the relational experience and helping to drive engagement.


Push customized content to consumers at their convenience. Access real-time data analytics to increase engagement and marketing effectiveness.

Beacon tab by Mashups

About Beacon

Subway Beacon
Mashups partnered with the Seoul Metropolitan Subway System to evaluate the feasibility of an offline advertising platform and the integration of Bluetooth low-energy emitting beacons. The result being an integrated offline advertising management platform used to conduct ad operations and provide an optimized solution for B2B offline data analysis.
About the Beacon
Beacons can provide a variety of information and services by using short-range location awareness and communication technologies. The device's remote detection via cloud can be used to manage content in real-time and collect anonymous user statistics.
Beacon Advantages
The integration of beacon technology can drive marketing campaign effectiveness. Bounded by location awareness, this seemingly disadvantageous factor becomes an advantage as information can be pushed and pulled to a segmented market. Utilizing beacons can increase engagement and ultimately lead to new clients.


An event insight solution, providing offline analytics, leads generation, and B2B networking.

Ensights by Mashups

About Ensights

Ensights and O2O
Ensights is an integrated O2O management platform, helping clients gain valuable insights through the convergence of online and offline data.
How does it works ?
Personal information (name, occupation, etc) is inserted into the Bluetooth smart nametag. Schedules of conferences and exhibitions, showcases, company information, and other important information are provided within the application. All customer data is analyzed throughout the event. Offline data can be measured against key performance indicators. Helping clients calculate valuable insights and important financial statistics.
For who ?
Traditional offline marketing events such as conferences, conventions, promotional events, and exhibitions. Ensights makes it possible for the integrated real-time analysis of offline marketing campaigns. What traditionally could not be measured or analyzed. Ensights allows clients to analyze offline data and gain insights into customer behavior and prospect leads. Ensights is the solution to engage and manage your customers effectively.


It's about adopting technological standards catered to your workforce to help adapt to the increasing need of an agile, interconnected workplace.

Smart Office by Mashups

About Smart Office

What is Smart Office?
You may have heard your colleague coin the term "Smart Office", but what exactly is it? A smart office is a concept that integrates technology to help achieve a more effective and efficient workplace. It's about adopting technological standards catered to your workforce to help adapt to the increasing need of an agile, interconnected workplace.
Mashups vision
As enterprise solutions increasingly mature and next-generation network infrastructures are introduced, long-term considerations for ROI are needed. As such, Mashups is interested in implementing Smart Office, utilizing a network of beacons via corporate network. Such examples of enhancements in workplace productivity are Bluetooth built-in apps linked to corporate employee ID cards.
What will it change?
Implementing Smart Office in your firm can benefit you in several ways: attracting and retaining talent; increases in employee satisfaction and performance; cost savings from space and energy utilization; and long-term sustainability benefits.




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